Management is a type of role that involves controlling a group of people to achieve a specific objective. Leadership is a type of ability that enables individuals to influence and motivate others. The goal of management is to control a group or organization to achieve a specific objective. Managing involves ensuring that daily operations are carried out according to the plan. On the other hand, a leader is responsible for inspiring and motivating their team members.

It’s possible to be both a leader and a manager simultaneously. However, remember that great leaders don’t necessarily mean they’ll be great managers. This article will discuss the various factors that distinguish management and leadership.


Leaders are regarded as visionary leaders who set the path for their organizations’ growth. They can identify their goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Unlike leaders, managers are responsible for implementing processes and procedures to achieve organizational goals. They also plan and organize tasks to reach these goals. Their vision is tied to implementing the strategies and plans developed by the leaders.


Managers can achieve their goals through a combination of tactical processes and coordinated activities. They break down long-term objectives into small goals to ensure they reach their desired outcome. Unlike other leaders, they are more concerned with how they can influence and align their subordinates rather than how they can assign them work. This is because they help individuals envision their future potential.


A manager focuses more on the details, while a leader is more likely to ask questions. As a leader, one has to question authority when making decisions that are not in the team’s best interests. If a company experiences a stumbling block, a leader would be the one to ask questions to determine what happened. Unlike a leader, managers are not expected to analyze and assess failures. Instead, they must ask how and when to carry out their tasks. This helps them ensure that the plans are carried out correctly.


The terms manager and leader have different definitions. The former usually refers to a specific position within an organization, while the latter refers to an individual’s actions. A leader is someone who inspires others to perform their best. On the other hand, a manager is a fixed-term title with various responsibilities.